An Clann MhicFhionghain na h-Ghearmailt

The Clan MacKinnon of Germany

Frank Thyssen

Frank Thyssen has been involved with the Celtic culture since his youth. During his studies, this interest was heightened and he expanded his private research on the early history of Europe. He was particularly fascinated by the culture and the closeness of Ireland and Scotland.

Quickly, this became the linchpin of his interest and immersed more and more in the history and culture of Scotland and tried to come close and to understand the soul of the clan. In addition, when he found out that his family belonged to a branch of the MacKinnons, a so-called Sept, he wanted to learn more about this clan’s history and idiosyncrasies. The more he learned, the greater the desire to participate. To become a clansmen.

Through the now wide contacts he finally got to know the European Comisson Robert Aymont MacKinnon from France. This has been trying for some time to open the clan for new members from other countries and origins. On 1. January 2016, the time had come and the clan – headquartered in the USA – expanded its membership. Farnk Thyssen applied for membership and was adoppted by the Clan.

Adoption by a clan is ancient law. Clan’s have been able to strengthen themselves externally since early days, and the adoppted families were protected against threats and famine.

In the end, Frank Thyssen was appointed Commissioner of the Clan MacKinnon of Germany and it could be started to build up an offshoot of the Clan MacKinnon in Germany and to establish. Currently, the Clan MacKinnon Society in Germany has about 34 Members and Candidates nationwide and is committed to preserving and spreading the culture and history of MacKinnon’s and Scotland in general.

Sin na tha sinn a ’seasamh

That’s what we stand for

  • We are loyal to each other and to our friends and the clans who are friends with us.
  • We are family.
  • We are a multilingual and international family.
  • We preserve, protect and spread Scottish clan culture.
  • We are committed to the future of Scotland.
  • We support and help each other.
  • We are open and honestly our core values.
  • We are professing democrats and so we decide internally about our activities.
  • Everyone who represents our basic values is very welcome.
  • The guest law applies as long as our basic values are not broken.
  • Who is behind us and wrong to us, does not represent a communication partner for us.
  • We are curious about cultural issues. This is an indispensable basic condition to belong to us.