Crafting Weekend with Haggis Evening

Craft Weekend March
We met at our craft weekend in March and at Camp Thelen to start or continue various clan projects.
We started with the first construction of our 4×4 Landsknecht tent. We were impressed by the material quality and the scope of delivery.

After successful construction Lore Thelen provided us with a hearty lunch and delicious cake.
It continued with a discussion whether we build tables or benches ourselves or order from a carpenter. We chose the Schreiner product and the attempt to finance it through crowdfunding:

Then a flag bearer in wood finish was completed. Also, some basic seating and a stand for the 1.20m x 1.20m Coat of Arms to set up.
It was an all around successful Clantag, in which everyone actively participated and cooperated.
Clan work does not consist of watching and participating only in pleasant activities, but actively helping to shape it. Fortunately, we are now a community that has understood this and has scrapped the ballast.

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